RENTAL RATES: Rates are given for the use of a single studio space with lighting and backdrops.
Hourly rates: Can be used in 2-hour increments over a 30-day span with calendar reservation. Unused hours are non-refundable.
2-Hours: $80 ($40/hr)
4-Hours:  $140 ($35/hr)
10-Hours:  $300 ($30/hr)
4-Hour Continuous Blocks: Must be used in ONE days. Blocks do not carry over.
1 Block (up to 4 hours):   $130 ($32.50/hr)
2 Blocks (up to 8 hours):  $225 (28.13/hr)
3 Blocks (up to 12 hours): $325 ($26.67/hr)
MEMBERSHIPS (3-Month Commitment Required):
Professional Membership: $250/month
Student Membership: $150/month
Thank you! You will be contacted shortly via email to finalize your booking!
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